What Should Do If The Silk Tie Is Washed?

- Aug 30, 2018-

The busy life always makes some mistakes in size. What should I do if I accidentally wash the silk tie? Silk tie in the necktie is considered to be a better material, and generally buy silk tie is a good brand to buy, the price is not expensive. Because of the particularity of silk and washing with other clothes carelessly, we always have some worries.

Whether it is a silk tie or ordinary tie, do not recommend washing, especially in the washing machine to wash, its own tie is more sophisticated, regardless of material, or workmanship, are very fragile. Once washed, the most common problem is wrinkle, and even the line is scrapped directly.

If your silk tie is lucky not to be scrapped, but the wrinkles are hard to handle, try the following.

1, tie the tie tightly on the wall of the hot water cup, and the heat will make the wrinkle of the tie slowly disappear.

2, roll the tie on the beer bottle, and the wrinkles will be eliminated in second days.

3, hanging a tie for a period of time can make most of the slight wrinkles disappear.

4. Roll the tie in a roll and press the wrinkles in the process, then put the whole tie on a flat surface (such as a table) for a while, then hang it for a while, you will find that the wrinkles in the tie have disappeared.

5, use iron.