What Scarf Is Silk Scarf?

- Aug 30, 2018-

Silk is known as "Queen of fibers". Its unique charm has been favored by people from all ages. Silk, a kind of protein fiber, contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body. It can help skin maintain metabolism of lipid membrane on the surface, so it can keep skin moist and smooth. Silk scarf is a scarf made from silk. Nowadays, silk scarves are not only precious and exquisite decorations, but also precious gifts for relatives and friends. Of course, silk scarves are light and beautiful. Women can add infinite charm to their dressing.

Many friends can not tell the material and characteristics of silk scarves. Real silk? Mulberry silk? Chiffon is also real silk? Silk is only a general term. According to fabric performance and process, there are many different kinds. Each has different characteristics, whether it is slightly different in smoothness or sagging and fabric feel, but the silk scarf uphold the elegant and lightweight features have not changed. Choosing the right silk scarf according to your needs does not have to worry about which type is better. Silk scarves have always been popular.

Summer favors thin silk scarves, a thin silk scarf can let you have an attractive summer. Whether it's an elegant, printed, or artistic scarf, if you put one on, you instantly become the most attractive elegant woman. Unwilling to commonplace you, will like such a light texture, can easily refresh the fashion with silk scarves, not only daily use, but also a must for holiday photography.

And silk scarves are also thick, silk pull-down scarves compared to traditional silk scarves, silk pull-down scarves more suitable for autumn and winter wear, after weaving process is different, silk pull-down scarves have been given new vitality.