The Secret Of Scarf Maintenance

- Aug 30, 2018-

In fact, many small habits in life will cause varying degrees of damage to wool scarves, want to know how to shorten the life of these small habits of wool scarves KO?

Compare the following maintenance rules to see what wrong maintenance methods you need to correct.

1. not with clothes.

Wool scarves and clothes are easy to be pulled out by the zippers and buttons on the clothes together, so when MM do not wear scarves, it is best to roll the scarves into "sushi" shape, put them in the drawer.

2. ironing, medium temperature modulation.

Wool scarves can not stand high-temperature ironing, MM scarves must not be ironed to medium temperature, before ironing also need to spray water mist on the scarf, covered with wet white gauze sheets, and along the warp and weft direction of the scarf ironing will not let the scarf deformation.

3. don't hang up.

Wool material is easy to be moth-eaten, and its own thin and easily deformed, so the usual maintenance should not be suspended, but should be folded separately packed flat, while keeping dry and ventilated!

4. wear avoid friction

Wool fibers are soft and soft, and MM's woollen scarves are vulnerable to scarf when they go out. Attention should be paid to reducing friction with harder things, such as sleeves and desktop, sleeves and sofa armrest, back and sofa friction and so on.