How To Choose Wool Scarves

- Aug 30, 2018-

First of all, let's talk about imitation cashmere. Why do we start here? That's because it's easier to distinguish between cashmere and wool.

Cashmere-like scarf is a kind of chemical information, is 00% acrylic handle, very close to the cashmere scarf, more delicate than the wool scarf handle, notoginseng: 30% wool (wool); 70% acrylic (acrylic).

Many on the market, but how can not be changed is the essence of chemical fiber, heat preservation and durability is still the rest of the area. The tenacity of this kind of material is very good, it is very difficult to break a wool like cashmere with the hand, with a lighter fire, there will be a distinct clustering scene, distribution of a chemical raw material burning smell, after burning clustering, hand can not twist broken. Next we talk about wool scarves and cashmere scarves, the feeling of wool, hands feel very good, comparable to coarse, on our comparable delicate skin will have a distinct itching feeling, and cashmere will not.

The handle of cashmere is delicate, soft and light, with water ripples and beautiful appearance. The same hand with a wool or cashmere wool, will soon be able to distinguish who is cashmere, who is wool. Wool and cashmere can break, but the wool to take a little effort, cashmere is very casual on the break, more importantly, cashmere feel very good. Burning them with a lighter gives them a burning smell of hair (close to the smell of burning hair), which is easily distinguished from drinking cashmere scarves. After burning, they do not clump and can be twisted into ashes with their hands. So how do we tell them? Believe that my friends remember the touch I mentioned above, and that's right, that our skin tells us very clearly who's cashmere and who's wool.