How To Choose Scarves In Different Seasons?

- Aug 30, 2018-

Spring silk

Silk is the most commonly used material for making silk scarves. The silk scarves made of this material not only glow charming, but also have natural wrinkles and look natural and beautiful. Wearing such a silk scarf to attend a formal occasion can not be more appropriate, graceful and gorgeous silk scarf hanging on the chest, steady but not without style, beautiful but not frivolous, silently reveal your tenderness like water.

Silk natural fibers, in the dry and windy spring to avoid the trouble of static electricity, and has good insulation and elasticity. In addition, its soft care, so that it does not appear in all shapes, I believe you will be favored. Although this silk scarf can also be washed at home, but you love the scarf, it is best to send it to a professional laundry to wash. In addition, do not forget the characteristics of silk scarves easy to be moth-eaten, must put insect repellent.

Summer -- hemp

Every midsummer, the hemp silk scarf became Jacqueline's most comfortable choice, no more than the hemp silk scarf can reveal her noble and refined temperament. This kind of silk scarf feels cool and easy to match with any summer wear. If you happen to be an OL in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, then a linen scarf is more like a "fashion bodyguard" to you, both beautiful and able to withstand air conditioning damage to the neck and shoulders.

The hemp silk scarf is easy to wrinkle, but it is also its casual, natural wrinkles, but also reflects the wearer's romantic aristocratic style. In storage, should fold the silk scarf gently, do not be pressed by heavy objects, so that there will not be a dead fold that can not be smoothed.

Autumn cotton

In the autumn with cool breeze rising, cotton scarves are Jacqueline's most intimate and comfortable choice. Cotton scarves can help you withstand the rustle of autumn, and their lightweight fabrics will not hide your charm in a thick material. This characteristic has created a stage for displaying the leisure style of cotton scarves. As a result, whether you go out to play or your friends get together, a cotton scarf is a good choice for you.

It should be noted that cotton silk towels dyed with herbal dyes fade during cleaning, so do not wash with other clothes to avoid dyeing.

Cold winter - Pashmina

Pashmina, which means wool in Persian, is more advanced than Cashmere, and therefore softer and warmer. It's eight times as good as a wool scarf. Pashmina is the thinnest, softest and warmest wool in the world. It comes from Capra Hircus, a Himalayan goat that grows over 4,500 meters above sea level, especially from the shoulders and abdomen of sheep, so the wool is very smooth. After cleaning, the wool is hand-brushed into thin, almost transparent yarns, then hand-woven into a shawl with 30% silk as weft and 70% Pashmina as warp, followed by bleaching and dyeing. If you add a rusted pattern, it will take a year even to make a shawl. The fabricated Pashmina shawl is light and elegant, easy to carry, the most expensive fashion bodyguard, so that the elegance of women, in the cold winter as natural.