The way and matching of summer silk pocket square

- Aug 30, 2018-

In the cool summer, the long silk scarf has always been a popular tool for fashionistas. Whether it is a matching dress or a simple T-shirt, it is very stealthy. Here are some of the hottest silk scarfs in the summer.

A plain print silk scarf with a matching gray sweater, minimalist and elegant. With a pair of white wide-leg pants that are now hot, the fashion index rises instantly. The bright yellow chain bag is very stealthy, the eye-catching color instantly lights up the whole shape, and the brown flat sandals on the feet also echo the color of the silk scarf. The whole point is not exaggerated, not kitsch, comfortable and elegant.

Many fashion bloggers and street shooters like to use a large silk scarf directly as a top to make a concave shape, and the bottom with a pair of skinny jeans is slim and refreshing. The shoes are made of minimalist high-heeled sandals, which not only grab the head of the silk scarf but also lengthen the leg line. In the summer, it is very stealing.

The British style plaid silk scarf can definitely rejuvenate the original simple shape. Just like the picture, you can take a long scarf around your neck and put one end of the long silk scarf behind you. The silk scarf will tend to one side, and it will be able to break the balance of the shape. The asymmetric method is more fashionable and interesting.