The importance of bow tie

- Aug 30, 2018-

Why, without it, the dress is no longer a real dress. To know the details of such as collar, we must not underestimate, it is precisely these places can produce the most effect.

To be honest, we don't reject a bow tie on any occasion, but a tailless dress is no longer a real dress without a bow tie. What's interesting about the bow tie is that its retro style and its popularity in the service sector have evoked two distinct associations: superiority or humility; dignity or elegance or chin. Anyway, bow tie and tuxedo match will never make mistakes.

In seventeenth Century, Croatia soldiers often used scarves, which was later adopted by the French upper class. In time, it evolved into a tie and bow tie. In early tenth Century, necktie males were indispensable accessories. After World War II, bow tie was once worn by the daily clothing industry only on ceremonious occasions. In recent years, bow ties have been very popular with fashion. Apart from the traditional formal dress, the neutral wind dress also uses bow ties.

Of course, women wear neckties in some professions. But personally, I think women wear flowers more appropriately and beautifully, without losing their charm.