Men's bow tie

- Aug 30, 2018-

The bow tie / bow tie is suitable for formal or advanced occasions, but the bow tie / bow tie is more difficult to tie than the general tie, you need to practice many times to get the right shape. Below to bring you a bow tie tie and men's tie drawing, together with practice!

Suppose you are right-handed. The following pictures are all mirror images, meaning if you stand in front of the mirror and tie a bow tie / bow tie, you will see the following image.

1. change the length of the necktie (if necessary). The big bow needs a long tie.

2. at the beginning, one end of the tie should be several inches longer than the other end, and the long end should be placed on your right side.

3. cross the long end across the other end.

4. turn the long end to the bottom of the short end and turn it out from the middle.

5. fold the short end.

6. cover the long end on the short end.

7. fold the long end.

8. Insert the long end into the circle behind the short end, then gently pull the ends to tie the bow tie / bow tie.