How to distinguish genuine and fake silk pocket square

- Aug 30, 2018-

First, judging from the price.

The price of silk fabrics is about twice as much as that of chemical fibers and silk-like satins, and a silk scarf usually costs at least 100 yuan, not a few or dozens of yuan.

Second, look at the luster of silk scarves.

Silk has the property of absorbing light, looks smooth and can not be mirrored, the luster is elegant and soft, uniform, Pearl bright, bright but not dazzling; and rayon fabric luster is bright but not soft.

Third, feel the touch of a scarf.

Silk fabrics feel soft and elegant, silk thread is denser, with the hand will have wrinkles, the higher the purity, the greater the density of silk handle is better; and silk-like fabrics after de-hardening, the feel is more smooth and soft, but not straight, the silk surface is dark, no pearl luster;

Fourth, judge by creases.

When the hand is kneaded tightly, the silk is released again and has no creases because of its good elasticity. The artificial silk fabric has obvious creases after kneading, and the creases are difficult to restore.

Fifth, fiber tension.

Pull out a few fibers at the edge of the fabric and moisten them with your tongue. If it breaks easily, it's rayon; otherwise it's silk.

Sixth, friction.

Silk is protected by sericin and wear-resisting. When it is rubbed against each other, it will produce a sound, so it is called "silk song" or "silk song". Chemical fiber products are silent.

Seventh, water identification method

Silk is wet with water immediately. If conditions permit, take the corner of the silk scarf and pour a little water on the scarf. The scarf is immediately soaked and pasted on the skin with silk.

Eighth, combustion method

Pull out part of the yarn burning, silk can not see the open fire, there is the smell of burning hair, silk ashes into black particles, can be crushed by hand; silk imitation fire flames, there is a plastic smell, the edge of the fire will leave a hard block.