Four tips for skillfully buying leisure ties

- Aug 30, 2018-

1. Viewing color: the whole leisure tie color should be the same, can not appear chromatic aberration, can not appear pattern edge is dizzy and blurred phenomenon.

2. Choose patterns: Generally speaking, leisure tie patterns are mostly quadrilateral continuous patterns, and arranged according to certain rules, each pattern is the same to each other, high-grade leisure tie stitching pattern in the middle.

3, look at fabric: casual necktie fabric is mainly made of silk. In addition, there are pure wool, pure linen, pure polyester, polyester interwoven and silk imitation, silk leisure tie luster and natural, delicate and soft feel; silk imitation gloss is too dark or too bright, feel slightly hard, soft waxy feeling bad. In terms of weaving technology, there are two kinds of jacquard and printing. Jacquard tie technology is relatively complex, rich in patterns, rich texture, thickness is different, the general price is higher than printed tie.

4. Check the workmanship: a. The standard tie is made of three pieces, the length of Xiaozhong and Bighead are 37-1175 px, 18-700 PX and 80-2250 PX respectively. The B. edge is straight, the opposite face is middle and the tie is symmetrical. C. large and small heads are diagonal and symmetrical. D. manual stitching is meticulous, stitching is uniform and no needle trace is observed. The surface of E. is smooth and clean. F. the top part of the high grade necktie is left about 112.5px for no stitching, and the top is fixed with a slightly thick open wire.