A variety of matching ways of small silk pocket square

- Aug 30, 2018-

White shirts are not unfamiliar to everyone, but looking at the street, you will find that girls generally like to use white shirts with pants, such a dress is simple and generous, but it does give the feeling is dull, easy to be the same. And as long as you can add a silk scarf as an embellishment, you can immediately break the monotony and make your shape more attractive.

And white shirt clean feeling, you can choose a more beautiful color style scarves to match, active overall atmosphere, play the finishing touch.

The existence of silk scarves for Jean shirts is icing on the cake, and red scarves with the matching is incomparable wonderful, creating a very classic fashionable red and blue matching. A beautiful red line is in the neck, and the eye is just fine.

When choosing deep V, a lot of sister paper always produces a kind of hesitation that will be too exposed, which leads to dare not try deep V clothes. At this time a silk scarf will play a very good role, try to release your sexy at the same time do not forget to bring you a sense of security, a small scarf tied in the neck, so that the fashion effect is more outstanding.

In early spring, when the weather is ups and downs, it is unavoidable to meet a colder time, but do not want to wear too bloated, at this time sweater with a coat is undoubtedly the best choice. But it's too monotonous to wear, so you need a scarf to help you perfect your look.